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At 2150 we back mission driven tech entrepreneurs who are solving some of the largest problems facing the planet today. We focus on the full stack of the urban environment where most of the world's CO2 emissions and resource waste is arising and which will double in the next decades.

We back tech entrepreneurs who are reimagining and innovating the Urban Stack

Building businesses that are changing how our cities are designed, constructed and powered, for good.

Hunting for Gigacorns – the technology champions of the coming decades with the potential to benefit billions of people, create billions in commercial value and lower gigatons of emissions.

And make the world of 2150 one we actually can and want to live in.

Led and backed by serious players in the Urban Stack, our team combines institutional strength and entrepreneurial spirit. Together, we’re building a new sustainable approach to venture.

One that sees opportunity in the greatest challenges of our time. That seeks to drive returns for our cities, citizens and investors. And that values SDGs as much as IRR.

We call it ‘Constructive Capital’


Christian Hernandez

Christian Hernandez

Partner & Co-Founder of 2150
United Kingdom
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