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Bamboo Capital Partners

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Bamboo Capital Partners

We invest mainly in four sectors – financial inclusion, access to clean energy, access to healthcare and agribusiness – where we see mass-market opportunities for high growth and social impact. In each of them, technology and data analysis provide the opportunity to scale access to essential services for low- to middle-income populations.

Financial inclusion

We invest in companies that will scale financial inclusion. The relevant sub-sectors are microfinance, fintech, small and medium-sized banks, money operators, correspondent banking and peer-to-peer lenders.

Access to clean energy

We are at the forefront in proving mass-market access to clean energy through innovative distribution business models and off-grid technology. Our investments include providers of pay-as-you-go solar energy systems based on sophisticated remote monitoring, data analytics, and machine-learning algorithms.

Access to healthcare

We see opportunities to leap towards mass access to healthcare through technology. The convergence of data, connectivity, devices and treatments is significantly improving affordability and patient outcomes. At the same time we are finding healthcare companies that offer scalable, turnkey service solutions.


In many emerging and frontier markets, smallholder farmers and rural SMEs are the backbone of the economy and the main producers of food. We invest in business models which support sustainable and inclusive agricultural value chains.


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