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Fynd Ocean Ventures

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Fynd Ocean Ventures

At Fynd Ocean Ventures we invest in ocean tech companies globally. Our focus is: healthy & sustainable ocean food, improved utilisation of ocean resources and data to support decision making. Everything through an impact lens.

In 2020 a group of leaders joined forces to build the world’s leading fund manager for the sustainable ocean economy. We invest in commercially investable ocean ventures at the growth stage, with clear exit strategies.  We see an increasing number of clever, purpose-driven founders leveraging new technology to build ocean ventures.

We drive the blue shift. To achieve this we invest into leading series A ocean ventures globally:

Feed the planet in a healthy and sustainable way

  • Smart sustainable aquaculture
  • The future of ocean food; lower trophic species, lab grown and vegan
  • Sustainable feed
  • Technology for sustainable wild catch

Improve utilization of ocean resources

  • New materials
  • Health, nutraceuticals and beauty

Support fact-based, informed decision-making

  • Ocean data generation
  • Ocean big data, analysis, sharing and use


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