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Jose Lindo Solis

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Investing in: 
Health & Wellness
Climate Change
Economic Development
Food & Ag
Social Entrepreneurship
Founder of 2050 Life Investments

Forget Unicorns 🦄
We Need More Zebra 🦓 B Corporations

Proud advisor for the UN Millennium Assessment, which analyzed the Planetary Health in 2050. Currently, "Intoku" and co-founder at ClimateCoin & ClimateTrade.

I am an impact investor and B Corporation's co-founder that, through the years, have been developing knowledge, sensibility and expertise about planetary health.

I studied Geoscience academic degree and several MSc (unfinished) including Public Policy, Natural Resources Management and Corporate Social Responsibility, developing a unique and balanced profile that combines knowledge of environmental issues with a profound understanding of politics and corporate dynamics.

Through my career, I have worked as advisor for the United Nations, corporations, NGOs and governments, managing a wide range of campaigns and institutional actions aimed the mitigation and adaptation of climate change. As highlighted, I have played the fundraising strategy role in "Plant for the Planet: The Billion Tree Campaign" by UNEP where I was inspired by and worked alongside Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai. In 2015 there were about 3 trillion trees would counteract 10 years of anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

Moreover, my innate curiosity with pioneristic mindset have pushed me to experiment with emerging technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and DLT Blockchain, to develop innovative and disruptive solutions aimed at helping communication, visibility and driving of financial resources towards Breakthrough, Innovative and Game-Changing (BIG) projects. I am the co-founder of 2050 Life Investments, the seed investor of ClimateCoin and ClimateTrade.

Making our planet green again through disruptive technologies!

2050 Life Investments

2050 Life Investments

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